Friday, May 30, 2014

A New Way of Doing Business

We are thrilled on a daily basis, here at Regal House Publishing. Thrilled because we have the opportunity to support writers of literary fiction in a way rarely encountered in the publishing world. Throwing open the front doors, so to speak, to enable direct access to writers and to render a degree of transparency to the process of publishing is immensely satisfying. We not only seek character-rich novels and engaging plot-lines, but we also seek to warmly encourage and support writers in their literary endeavors. We are receiving a phenomenal number of submissions which is exciting, not only for us, but also as a general indicator of the number of writers dedicated to the craft of literary fiction.

We are thrilled to be able to consider a work and subsequently proceed to publication irrespective of whether it meets broad market approval or reaches bestseller status. Do not mistake me, Regal House is assiduously devoted to the marketing of each novel we publish (we are extremely proud of them after all!) but the decline or acceptance of a submission is based solely upon its intrinsic literary merits. What a marvelous freedom this is!

And I am thrilled, particularly, in the marvelous team that has gathered here at Regal, each of us dedicated with great enthusiasm to a new way of doing business. For the old way seems encumbered with bureaucratic entanglements, a labyrinth in which the writer is easily and readily lost; where economic considerations become not only primary but the raison d'ĂȘtre that underscores the whole. I do not mean to be critical of the publishing giants, they have their necessary overheads after all - but I am simply thrilled to be able to do things differently: offering writers an alternative path; creating a relationship, a dialogue, a back and forth with literary writers that supports and sustains both. For the writer is at the heart of this entire exercise, and all of us at Regal have the keenest respect for that.

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